Ear lobe piercing in Amsterdam


At Mijoux, you can also have holes shot, although we prefer to use the term pricking ourselves. We work with the Studex system.

The Studex® System75™

It is barely felt, almost completely silent. It is the most hygienic system. The earrings and holder are in a single cartridge, which can be inserted directly into the instrument. Because the plug is visible, it is possible to set earholes with millimetre precision. The cartridge never touches your skin or that of the ear hole specialist, not even during insertion or removal of the cartridge. The patented technology ensures very gentle earring placement. With this innovative system, earrings are placed/pierced in the ear as opposed to the old way of piercing holes.

At Mijoux we pierce the earlobe with the studex system, you can also have your earlobe pierced with us.
If you want earrings in the cartilage part of the ear, we pierce them in our specially equipped studio. For more info on piercing click here. If you also want to know more about jewellery and piercing prices click here.

Age required

We pierce earrings from 10 years of age (up to 16 years under parental supervision and approval)
According to RIVM guidelines

With younger children, we care about the child. If after placing the first earring, your child does not manage the second one because they do not want to, we do not do this under duress. They can come later for the other earring. Also, if your child is afraid of being placed, we will not put earrings. We will make every effort to put you and your child at ease. However in case of resistance, we will not do it.
The cost of piercing holes is from 19.95 per pair, depending on the earrings you choose. It is also possible to have only 1 earring pierced.

We pay a lot of attention to the placement of the earring. To the symmetry, the distance and line in relation to any previously placed earrings. We discuss and determine the placement together with you and only place the earrings when you are 100% satisfied with the place.


Would you like to make an appointment please send an app to 0624321834

If you already have holes and are looking for earrings, check out our shop Mijoux, online or at Rijnstraat 219 in Amsterdam

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  • Touch your new earring as little as possible
  • Do not twist the earring, this used to be advised, but every time you twist the earring, you break it again and delay healing. You can also take a hair with you when twisting, which you then twist into the ear.
  • Do NOT use sterilon, or other remedies. If the earring or your ear is dirty, it is best to clean with perfume-free soap such as Unicura or Sebamed.
  • Rinse your ears well in the shower, rinse shampoo well too and then dry your ears with a tissue or kitchen roll.
  • Avoid swimming etc for the first few weeks.
  • Try to sleep on your ears as little as possible.
  • The earring you are pierced with has a longer rod, do not press the back button against the ear, then your ear will have no room to swell if it is irritated.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, contact me via app 0624321834.

After six weeks, you may replace the earring for another piece of jewellery provided you are no longer bothered. After six weeks, the hole may still grow closed, so you should continue to wear a piece of jewellery for the first time.

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