Our hoops with flowers are regular hoops that can be decorate with our pixie flowers, they aren’t to heavy, available in gold plated and silver.
Mijoux jewelry is fine and elegant. Whether you are going for a preppy chique outfit or a more edgy look we got you covered !  Our jewelry is easy to wear and finishes every look. Every piece, such as hoops with flower are a great addition to your own style and vibe. This pair of gold plated Sophia hoops, will transform every outfit and gives an elegant touch.
These earrings are easy to combine with others, but you can also wear these beautiful earrings by its self. If you are looking for some inspiration to create your own look than head over to our Instagram page for inspiration, deals and more ! You could find some hoops with flower scrolling through our page
They  are 15 earrings available in our store that can be decorated with our pixie flowers. they are the Jlo hoops in black or silver, the Sophia hoops, the Mijoux hoops as well as the Pixies Hoops and Les perles hoops.
Many colours are available ! Our Hoops with flowers can be white, yellow, red, hot pink, lila, fuschia, regular pink and orange !
The main prices of our Hoops with flowers are between 24,45 € and 34,95 €. Moreover, all of our jewelry is water resistant, which means you can wear them whithout having to worry all summer !
Please check our website for more info about the jewelry or the piercings !